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About Us

Maedusa Body Jewelry

Who is Maedusa ?

Medusa (ancient Greek: Μέδουσα : guardian, protectress) was one of the three monstrous Gorgons in the Greek mythology, described as a winged creature with female face and living venomous snakes in place of hair. Those who gazed into her eyes would turn to stone. She has become a strong feminist symbol in her role as a protector, fearsome and enraged

This is just the spirit of our brand and what we want to bring to this world : jewelry for badass Witches & Queens !

The brand

We (Laurine & Amber from France) created Maedusa Body Jewelry in November 2022 with the idea to sell high quality jewelry for strong women and men (and everything in between). We want you to find your own style and feel incredible in your own skin. We are a proudly vegan & queer-owned business, and we defend these values in our everyday life and business.

Defend our planet

We do not use any animal by-product (feather, horn, shell, bones …). We favor lab-created stones and our packaging is made in Europe.

Body-Positive Shop
We do not photoshop our models who come in all shapes and sizes. We promote inclusivity and self-love.
Support LGBTQIA+ 
We promote models, artists and craftsmen and women who are from our own community. We help spread a message of love and acceptance.