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Size Guide

Size Guide

Sizing is a very important component of choosing the perfect jewelry for your ears and/or body. You will find the exact dimensions and sizing information in each jewelry product page. We use the European standard centimeters (cm) and millimeters (mm) as a reference. Here is a guide to sizing for our various jewelry categories.

Sizes Chart

Here is a conversion table for the different units of measurements and sizes (Europe / US)

Plug & Piercing Sizes


Ring Sizes

Size FR (mm)Size USInner
Diameter (mm)
505 ¼15,92
515 ¾16,24
536 ¼16,88
557 ¼17,52
567 ¾17,83
588 ¼18,47
598 ¾18,79
619 ¼19,43
6310 ¼20,06
6410 ¾20,38

Weights Chart

Light Weight — 10 grams or less
Suitable for everyday use and will not cause your lobes to stretch. Perfect if you like a weightless feeling when wearing your jewelry.

Middle Weight — 11 grams to 15 grams
Confortable for everyday use but might cause your lobes to stretch. Better if you are accustomed to wearing quite heavy jewelry. Avoid wearing for long time if you do not wish to stretch your ears.

Heavy Weight — 16 grams or more
Can be considered as ear weights. Everyday use will cause your lobes to stretch. This is suitable for those who like very heavy jewelry and/or want to keep stretching their ears.




You do not know your ring size ? No problem ! You’ll find here 2 different methods to measure it.

First : use a ring that fits you (and that is perfectly round, avoid old oval rings) :

  1. Measure with a ruler (mm) the inner diameter of your ring.
  2. Be precise ! Each 0,5mm count, so do not round up the result.
  3. Refer to the above chart to know the corresponding ring size.

Second: you do not have ring ? You can directly measure your finger :

  1. Wrap string or paper around the base of your finger.
  2. Mark the point where the ends meet with a pen.
  3. Measure the string or paper with a ruler (mm).
  4. The result corresponds to the size FR in the above chart.




0,8mm – 20g
If you were pierced by a non professional piercer (with a gun for example), chances are that you have small size holes. We do not sell this size of earrings. You can however gently stretch it by investing into one of our 1.2mm titanium clickers or stud.

1mm – 18g
Standard pierced ear
. Most of our hoops and pendant earrings are suitable for this size.

1,2mm – 16g
Professional pierced ear
or heavy earrings wearer. All of our earrings and body jewelry (threadless studs and clickers) can be used.

Threadless Ends & Posts



In our shop you will find threadless jewelry sold in two separated parts. You choose first the ends you like and then match it with the right size posts you need.  All of our ends have universal fit. They go in any of our threadless post, whatever size you choose.

What are threadless jewelry ? There are no threads (or screw) in threadless jewelry. The decorative end has a strong pin that protrudes to fit into the post. This pin is bent and the tension caused by the bend of the pin within the post holds the jewelry together.

1mm – 18g
Standard pierced ear
. If your lobes have been pierced with a gun, your holes size will be around 0,8mm to 1mm.

1,2mm – 16g
Professional piercings (face and ears)
. All of our earrings and body jewelry (threadless studs and clickers) can be used.

1,6mm – 14g
Professional piercings (other body parts).
All of our earrings and body jewelry (threadless studs and clickers) can be used.


Below instructions are only relevant for healed piercings and are purely informational. Every body is different and we cannot guarantee that these dimensions will suit your piercing. When in doubt, please ask your local piercer.

6mm – Lobes, helix, flat, tragus, anti-helix, nostrils
8mm – Large lobes or flat or helix or tragus, middle-size conch, medusa, labret, snake bites
10/12mm – Large conch, labret or snake bites or medusa for thick lips, dahlia, cheeks

Curved Barbells


Straight Barbells


Nose Studs





0,8mm or 1mm – 18 or 20g
Usual pierced size for nostrils

1,2mm – 16g
Usual pierced size for tragus, helix, snug, rook, daith, ear lobes, nipples, nostril, septum, madonna, labret, medusa, smiley, frenulum.

1,6mm – 14g
Usual pierced size for conch, industrial, bridge, eyebrow, belly button, genitals, tongue, cheek.

Plugs and Tunnels


Saddle Hangers



Our saddle hangers have different design, their heights and widths can thus vary from one model to another. However, each saddle hanger’s listed size already take into account your comfort and will fit at your gauge size without any problem. Please pay attention to the notes in each product description for additional information (with size to choose if you like to wear them loose or fit for ex.)




Our hangers have different design, their heights and widths vary from one model to another. The size indicated on each product page is the minimum required ear opening / gauge you need to pass it through your ear holes.