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Threadless Ends & Posts Size Guide



In our shop you will find threadless jewelry sold in two separated parts. You choose first the ends you like and then match it with the right size posts you need.  All of our ends have universal fit. They go in any of our threadless post, whatever size you choose.

What are threadless jewelry ? There are no threads (or screw) in threadless jewelry. The decorative end has a strong pin that protrudes to fit into the post. This pin is bent and the tension caused by the bend of the pin within the post holds the jewelry together.

1mm – 18g
Standard pierced ear
. If your lobes have been pierced with a gun, your holes size will be around 0,8mm to 1mm.

1,2mm – 16g
Professional piercings (face and ears)
. All of our earrings and body jewelry (threadless studs and clickers) can be used.

1,6mm – 14g
Professional piercings (other body parts).
All of our earrings and body jewelry (threadless studs and clickers) can be used.


Below instructions are only relevant for healed piercings and are purely informational. Every body is different and we cannot guarantee that these dimensions will suit your piercing. When in doubt, please ask your local piercer.

6mm – Lobes, helix, flat, tragus, anti-helix, nostrils
8mm – Large lobes or flat or helix or tragus, middle-size conch, medusa, labret, snake bites
10/12mm – Large conch, labret or snake bites or medusa for thick lips, dahlia, cheeks